TITLE: HDPE steel wire mesh skeleton pipe
Scope of application:


Steel wire mesh frame plastic compound tube is a new type of steel frame plastic composite pipe which has been improved. This tube is also called the SRTP tube. This new type of pipe is made from high strength through model steel mesh skeleton and thermoplastic polyethylene as raw materials, steel wire net as reinforced skeleton of polyethylene plastic pipe, high density polyethylene (HDPE) as matrix, with high performance of HDPE modified bonding resin will wire frame with inner and outer layer of high density polyethylene closely together, make it has good composite effect. Because of the high strength steel wire reinforced was enshrouded in continuous thermoplastics, so the pipe overcomes the drawback of steel pipe and plastic pipe, and maintain the advantages of steel pipe and plastic pipe respectively.

Steel wire mesh frame plastic compound pipe, which adopts high quality material and advanced manufacturing process, which makes it more resistant to voltage. At the same time, the compound tube has excellent flexibility, which is suitable for the use of water supply and gas pipeline system for long-distance burial. The pipe fittings adopted by steel wire mesh frame polyethylene composite pipe are polyethylene electric fuse fittings. When the connection is connected, the inner heat body of the tube is used to fuse the plastic and the inner layer of the pipe, and the pipe is connected to the pipe.

Range of application

Wire mesh frame plastic composite pipe USES material to edit underground pipe PVC pipe

ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene styrene)

UPVC (hard polyvinyl chloride)

CPVC (post-chlorinated polyvinyl chloride)

PP (polypropylene)

PE (PE), also known as LDPE, MDPE and HDPE (low, medium, and high density)


Material properties

ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene styrene)

ABS is used to transport drinking water, mud and chemicals. The most commonly used for DWV (drain exhaust)

Using a hard polyvinyl chloride (UPVC) and later chlorinated polyvinyl chloride CPVC

UPVC has excellent chemical resistance throughout the working temperature range and has extensive working pressure belt. The UPVC system accounts for a large proportion of the plastic piping installation due to long-term high strength characteristics, stiffness and cost effectiveness.

CPVC is a variety of acids, bases, salts, alkane, halogens and alcohols. This is non-solvents, aromatic hydrocarbons and certain chlorinated hydrocarbons.

PP (polypropylene)

Polypropylene is suitable for use in food, drinking water and ultra-pure water, as well as in pharmaceuticals, chemicals and other industries.

PE (polyethylene)

Polyethylene has been successfully used for years of drinking water and wastewater, hazardous waste and the safe delivery of compressed gases.


The PVDF has excellent chemical resistance, which means it is widely used in the chemical industry for the piping system of corrosive liquid.

Steel mesh skeleton plastic pipe inspecting &controlling specification editor Whole: level off is smooth, neat out of the wall, no crack, no bubble, colour and lustre is uniform, cutting at both ends. The steel and plastic tube specification used in coal mining: application: mainly used for water, compressed air, spray work, and gas extraction. [1]

Steel mesh skeleton plastic pipe features editor 1. Overcome the rapid stress cracking phenomenon of plastic pipe, due to steel, plastic, these two kind of material is the structure of the compound, and so will not happen quick stress of plastic pipe is difficult to overcome.

The strength, rigidity and impact of more than ordinary pure plastic tubes, such as the low linear expansion coefficient and the resistance to creep, etc.

The weight is light, the installation is convenient, the pipe connection adopts the electric thermal welding joint, the anti-axial stretch ability is strong, the connection technology is mature and reliable, the pipe item type specification

Fully developed, it can be connected with various other pipes and valves.

It has the same anti-corrosion properties as the plastic pipe, with high temperature and corrosion resistance and low thermal conductivity.

The structure is excellent, the reinforced skeleton of tube and the plastic of the inner and outer layers of plastic are integrated into a whole, without the worry of the plastic and the reinforcement of the inner and outer layers.

The inner wall is smooth and non-fouling, and the pipe is 30% less than the steel pipe.

The overall service life of the pipe is 50 years design;

By adjusting the diameter of the steel wire and the thickness of the plastic layer, the pipes of different pressure grades are made.

Steel mesh skeleton plastic pipe application editor Steel mesh skeleton plastic composite pipe is a kind of excellent performance of new type pipe, widely used in oil fields, power plants, chemical petrochemical companies, water companies, municipal gas and water use in various fields such as pipeline.

Steel wire mesh frame plastic (polyethylene) composite pipe and fittings standard: standard CJ/T 189-2007 for urban construction industry in the People's Republic of China

Steel wire mesh frame plastic composite pipe application area

Municipal projects: water supply, water, fire water, heat net and water, gas, gas, highway and drainage etc.

The gas field: oily water, gas and gas mixture, oil and gas mixture, two, three oil production and collecting process.

When chemical industry: acid, alkali, salt manufacturing, petroleum, chemical, fertilizer, pharmaceutical, textile, printing and dyeing, rubber, plastic and other industries transport corrosive gas, liquid and solid powder process pipe and emissions.

Power project: water supply, water return, water supply, fire water, dust removal, waste slag etc.

Metallurgical mines: used in the smelting of non-ferrous metals, such as the conveying and slurry, tailings, ventilation ducts and process tubes.

Seawater transport: desalination plants, sea power plants, and sea water in seaports.

Shipbuilding: sewage pipe, drainage pipe, ballast water pipe, ventilation pipe, etc.

agricultural spray irrigation: deep well pipe, filter pipe, drain pipe, drain pipe, irrigation pipe etc.